09.06.10{ Brussels, "Financing Culture in Digital Era"

Yesterday, the European Green Party organized an interesting round-table panel in the European parliament on the topic of financing culture in digital era (presentations are available here). In the following I will present my observations.

File sharing will stay and society should find a reasonable and just way to regulate it. Please listen especially to the concept explained by prof. Volker Grassmuck. The idea will be presented by the Greens in the EU Parliament.

In the meantime, individuals, one of them is spokesperson Peter Sunde, who responded to the file sharing phenomenon with the Pirate Bay service, are introducing a new private and voluntary system to reward authors. They prefer to use the word to “flatter” artists. Please check out www.flatr.com.

Meanwhile, the EU Commission probably denied to support the Blind Initiatives, which were to be adopted in favor of the blind and visually disabled in order to limit territorial barriers for distribution of copyrighted works.

Europe has a long way to go to find reasonable solutions!

In the private debate about limitations of non-harmonized copyright systems of the EU member states, which revealed many problems with extremely powerful national collecting societies and with non-working cross border licensing systems, the founder of the MAGANATUNE criticized that EU is not an environment that would foster great ideas and great online business models.

This thought is so very true that I share it publicly.

Maja Bogataj Jančič


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