IPI reporting on the Directive

IPI reported on the Directive on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market in the following posts:

Poland challenges the Directive before the CJEU
Legislators need to take into account the public interest in implementing Article 17
Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries adopted the Copyright Directive
We need minimal standards of exceptions for education and research
The Directive still has to be approved by Member States
The Directive was adopted
Say NO to the harmful Directive!
European Academics: Article 11 and 13 must go!
Negative position of the Ministry on the Directive
The EU would lose little if it simply rejected the Directive
Changing the numbers of the articles won’t make the EU copyright reform better!
Next week the European Parliament will vote on the Directive!
The Directive is still bad!
JURI Committee approves the Proposal for the Directive
EU member states approve the Proposal for the Directive
Final text of the Directive adopted
EU member states adopt the position on the Proposal for the Directive
Franco-German compromise deal
Why Article 11 of the Directive is not a good solution
11 EU member states reject the compromise Proposal for the Directive
German non-paper regarding Article 13 of the Directive
Inclusion of the public domain in Article 5
Opposition against Article 13 of the Directive
Representatives of the audio-visual and sports sectors against Article 13
Statement of EPIP Academics regarding the Directive
Communia on Article 13 of the Directive
More than 200 academics against Article 11