Children are fascinated by the works of art within the public domain

Great works of art, which are already within the public domain, which means that their copyright protection has already expired, are being recreated by Thaïs Vanderheyden. In this way, art is brought closer to children who are fascinated by her works of art.

The interactive exhibition entitled Great Art for Great Kids in Brussels takes the visitor through the history of fine art and draws attention to various artistic movements and individual artists. Everything from the Van Eyck brothers and Michelangelo to Mondrian, Mark Rothko and Keith Haring.

Belgian illustrator and author of children’s books Thaïs Vanderheyden has been teaching children about great art for some time now through a book series, by creating her own versions of famous paintings. She has recreated famous works of art into beautiful youth versions that excite the imagination of art lovers.

Her recreations would be illegal if the original works were not already within the public domain, which means that the copyright protection has expired, so the works are allowed to be freely used without the consent of the copyright holder of the original work.