Open Knowledge Day

Open Knowledge is knowledge that one is free to use, reuse, and redistribute without legal, social or technological restrictions. Open Data and Open Content, Open Science and Open Education, Open Hardware and Software are all building blocks of Open Knowledge and consequently an open society.


On the Open Knowledge Day, that was organized by the Intellectual Property Institute and Today is a new day on 6 May 2019 in Ljubljana, individuals contributing to the society of Open Knowledge in Slovenia and in the World, presented some of these key building blocks. More on the event:

 program of the event,

Invitation to the event “Open Knowledge Day”,

Report on the event “Open Knowledge Day”,

– reports about the event in the media: Pravna Praksa, RTV, Večer, Primorske novice, Studio City, Interview with Jan Gerlach, Jan Gerlach on the openness on the internet,

Invitation to the establishment of Slovenian CC Chapter,

Establishment of CC Chapter Slovenia,

Invitation to the exhibition of ALUO students,

Create a work that’s not yours.


Following the successful event, Another Open Knowledge Day was organized on 24 October 2019 in cooperation with the National University Library, the Institute Today is a new day and the Slovenian Wikipedists. As part of the event a workshop “Copyright for Librarians” also took place.