Boundaries of Information Law

Maja Bogataj Jančič was Slovenia’s national rapporteur for “The Common Core of European Private Law” (The Trento Project) for the field of the Boundaries of Information Property (BIP) as part of a wider project at the University of Torino.

Discovering the common core of the European civil law does not have aspirations for unification, but will, on the basis of the analysis of actual regulations, lead to the creation of a reliable legal map of the regulations of civil law in Europe and the development of a common legal culture. The project is roughly divided into three fundamental areas of civil law – Contract, Tort and Property, where BIP is one of the working groups. The task of IPI is to search the solutions for modeled cases in the domestic legislation and prepare a report on the basis of a special analytical method (Trento-Methodology). Even though the cases are hypothetical, these issues are expected to become real in the future because of the development of information technology, therefore, it is justified that we pay attention to them already today.