About IPI

Inštitut za intelektualno lastnino / Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) is a consulting, research, and educational institution, operating in the fields of: Copyright law, Trademark law, Design law, Patent law, Domain name, Internet, Personal data protection, Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

The main area of IPI’s work is copyright law. In the field of trademark and design law, IPI acts as trademark representative. It advises various Slovenian companies, ranging from start-ups to large corporations and also to individual creators and public institutions.

IPI is active also in the research field, especially regarding copyright law, where it works with universities, research institutes, art centres and other cultural and non-government organizations in Slovenia and abroad. It also participates in various European and international projects connected to intellectual property law.

In the field of education, IPI organizes lectures and roundtables, participates in conferences, workshops and current debates regarding intellectual property law. With this, it aims to enrich the Slovenian mind set with new ideas and perspectives, crucial for the development of a creative and innovative society of the new millennium.