COMMUNIA Salon 3: German proposal to implement Article 17

You are welcome to attend the third Communia Salon of 2020 “The German proposal to implement Article 17 – A broken promise or a way forward?” on Thursday 2 July from 15:30 to 17:00.

As Communia continues to organise online events that shed light on implementation status of the new EU Directive 2019/790 on Copyright and related rights on the Digital Single Market, the third Salon is dedicated to discuss the new German proposal to implement Article 17 of the Directive, which includes new provisions that supposedly strengthen the rights of users as well as rightsholders.

The event will host three speakers: Julia Reda, John Hendrik Weitzmann and dr. Martin Husovec. At the end, an informal question and answer session will follow.

The Salon will be conducted via the Zoom platform. You can register beforehand here. Welcome!