Knowledge Rights 21 – new opportunities for cooperation

Until March 7, 2023, research proposals focused on proving the impact of copyright exceptions for research in various legislations and on proving the mutual influence of the operation of technological protection measures (technological protection measures TPM) and copyright exceptions, both in the European area, are being collected.

Until March 31, 2023, initiatives are also being collected for national projects that would have a demonstrable impact on the regulatory framework.

The Knowledge Rights 21 (KR21) program is focused on bringing about changes in law and practice across Europe that will strengthen everyone’s right to knowledge. It is based on the belief that knowledge is essential for education, research, innovation and cultural participation and that everyone should be able to access and use it – particularly through libraries and archives and digitally.

With its first Request for proposal, KR21 is looking for a contractor whose research will strengthen the legal and empirical database on the variety of exceptions and limitations regarding research currently in force in European copyright law and on the practical impact that exceptions have on researchers’ efforts in Europe.

With its second Request for proposal, KR21 is looking for a contractor who can conduct research focused on generating evidence on the use and impact of technological protection measures (TPM) on copyrighted works under the research and education exemptions.

The application deadline is March 7, 2023.

The third Request for proposal calls for time-limited projects that support the objectives of the KR21 program, which should, through grant for national initiatives, generate results, which can have a measurable and demonstrable impact on the regulatory framework. Proposed activities are: events promoting understanding and consensus on issues related to the KR21 program; targeted research and evidence gathering that can be used to provide effective advocacy support using an economic, competitive or copyright approach; engagement and events with policy makers.

You can access the RFPs here:

Research exceptions

Technological protection measures

National Initiatives for KR21