Next week the European Parliament will vote on the Directive!

The plenary final vote in the European Parliament on the faith of the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market is expected to take place next week. Learn more on why the Directive is still bad on the website Internet is for the people and on our website, where the positive and the negative implications of the Directive are presented.

The free internet community organizes an action week from 20 to 27 March, which focuses mainly on the negative consequences of Article 13:

– on 21 March (“Internet blackout day”), many websites will shut down in sign of protest against the introduction of filters,
– on 23 March, there will be protests throughout Europe, including Ljubljana against the destruction of the Internet,
– between 25 and 28 March, the European Parliament is expected to vote on the Directive. Some MEPs already pledged to vote AGAINST Article 13!