Smithsonian places 2.8 million works in the public domain

Smithsonian, in cooperation with Creative Commons, made almost 3 million of its works available under the CC0 “licence”. This means that rightholders waive their rights and that the content is available to copy, distribute and modify without restrictions, for any purpose (even commercial).

Smithsonian is an institution bringing together 19 museums, 9 research centres, libraries, archives and different affiliates and thus represents the biggest museum, educational and research complex in the world. Digitalisation within the Smithsonian Open Access project lasted for a decade and the result is a base with 2.8 million 2D and 3D works, from portraits of important American historical figures to dinosaur skeletons. Smithsonian joined many cultural institutions that acknowledge the importance of open access and the availability of artistic and cultural works for everyone. With a richer public domain education, research and dissemination of knowledge will be richer as well.