A Call for International Action for Right to Research

In the recent days, Global Network on Copyright Users Rights published an article, publicly calling upon WIPO to promote broad and open Text and Data Mining (TDM) exceptions and limitations in international setting in order to enable the use of new technologies in scientific research.

Last year, the Global Network on Copyright Users Rights (their member is also dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič, IPI) emphasised the importance of TDM exceptions in their Joint Comment to WIPO on Copyright and Artificial Intelligence, prepared as a part of the WIPO’s public call for comments on their Draft Issues Paper on Intellectual Property Policy and Artificial Intelligence. More in our post “Impact of AI on IP”.

The Global Network on Copyright Users Rights’ open call to action aims to shed light on the importance of using TDM and the so-called machine learning in research, and on the need for broad copyright exceptions and limitations for TDM and the open access. It is definitely not negligible that the new Coronavirus pandemic spread was foreseen with the use of TDM in the BlueDot project.

Therefore, the Global Network on Copyright Users Rights called upon WIPO to work on international instruments for facilitating the cross-border use of TDM as well as sharing of TDM results. This would pose a significant improvement against the current inadequate copyright regulation of TDM.

The issue at hand is of great importance in regards to the new EU Copyright Directive 2019/790 as well, since number of EU Member States find themselves in this very moment in the middle of crossroads, where they can implement a good and broad TDM exception, or they can go down the path of narrow and limiting TDM exception, which would seriously hinder further use of TDM, new technologies and AI. Read more on this topic in our post “Extraordinary conditions show the necessity for fast and good implementation of the new Directive”.