Conference The Law of Artificial Intelligence

In September, the Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law and the Catholic University of Portugal, Faculty of Law organized a conference on The Law of Artificial Intelligence. This international event aimed to contribute to a better understanding of the complex legal issues surrounding the Artificial Intelligence.

The panel discussions revolved around the intersection of AI and legal decision-making, AI and business, AI and intellectual property, AI and constitutional rights, and AI and liability. Tjaša Zapušek, research assistant at IPI presented recent findings of her PhD research at University of Zürich. She talked about differences between three different ‘decision-making processes’ that occur as a consequence of three different types of systems, namely, three different types of algorithms (deterministic algorithm, a supervised, or an unsupervised learning algorithm). Through this systematization she examined legal concerns regarding foreseeability and certainty of the system’s actions. The research outcomes led her to the conclusion that the presence of artificial intelligence in our everyday life will definitely call into question the efficiency of existing legal rules at both European and national level.