Consultations on implementation of the Directive (EU) 2019/790 into Slovenian legislation

Between 18 and 27 March, four consultations will take place on the premises of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The purpose of these consultations is for the interested public and stakeholders to present their views on the implementation of said Directives in Slovenia. The interested public is also invited to submit written comments, which will be published on Ministry of Economic Development and Technology’s website.

The consultations will cover the following provisions:

1st consultation (18 March 2020): Articles 2/1, 2, 3 through 12 of the Directive 2019/790,
2nd consultation (20 March 2020): Articles 2/4, 5, 6 and 13 through 17 of the Directive 2019/790,
3rd consultation (25 March 2020): Articles 18 through 23 of the Directive 2019/790,
4th consultation (27 March 2020): the Directive 2019/789.

The official invitation (in Slovene) containing more information can be found here.