Dr Maja Bogataj Jančič appointed ERA 2 Action Manager

On 26 January 2023, Minister Dr Igor Papič appointed Dr Maja Bogataj Jančič, LL.M., LL.M. (Intellectual Property Institute) and Ana Fidler (Central Technical Library of the University of Ljubljana) to the European Research Area (ERA) team for Action 2, which includes tasks in the field of “Propose an EU copyright and data legislative framework for research”.

The objective of the group are to identify barriers and challenges to accessing and re-using the results of publicly funded research and innovation, publications and data for scientific purposes, and to identify potential impacts on research by analysing the relevant provisions of EU copyright and data legislation, related regulatory frameworks and relevant institutional and national initiatives, and to propose legislative and non-legislative measures to improve the existing EU copyright and data framework.

The two representatives agreed to use the meetings to actively raise important issues concerning researchers and educators and open science in the field of copyright regulation. A workshop on “An EU copyright & data legislative framework fit for research: barriers, challenges and potential measures to address them” will take place in Brussels on 23-24 February 2023. Dr Maja Bogataj Jančič will attend the workshop in person in Brussels and will also briefly present the recent changes to copyright legislation in Slovenia, namely the new exception for text and data mining and the general exception for scientific research, as issues that have not been addressed by the reform.