Dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič elected as a member of the Supervisory Body of the BTT

Dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič has been elected as a member of the Supervisory Body of the Blockchain Think Tank. In her candidature she wrote:

““I would like to participate in BTT because I would like to want about the importance of ethical and legal aspects of the development of the blockchain technology and especially its implementation in the economy and society. I believe that these aspects need to be considered at all stages of development, in order to add other directors of regulatory decisions and directions for technological and social development to the criteria of economic efficiency. Blockchain technology is a tool for creating secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer applications. However, this technology is not only that, but in its greatest potential version, it can have far greater effects on the economy and society, which in magnitude and impact can be similar to the consequences that the internet has brought to the society. In its foundations, this technology is used to create autonomous computer programs, i.e. “smart contracts”, which primarily serve to create new financial instruments, increase the efficiency of payment mechanisms, organize the exchange of data and information across transactions and facilitate human-device interactions. Not only is blockchain technology the key to greater management efficiency, it can also affect the management itself. In the most positive version, it can promote the development of a more democratic society and more democratic systems of decision-making and, consequently, society management where individuals are able to exercise much greater influence than in current democratic systems.”