EU copyright reform: where are we now?

View this excellent and very informative discussion between MEP Julia Reda, artists Rita Zipora and Rufus Kain with the audience regarding problematic “ACTA like provisions” of Article 13 of the new Copyright Directive proposal.

“It should be deleted altogether” is a proposal of many most prominent experts. Here in Slovenia, the deletion of Article 13 is the position of the Ministry for Education as well as of the Ministry for Public Administration. But the Ministry for Commerce (namely the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office) supports the article. Unfortunately the Ministry of Commerce represents Slovenia at the Council working group meetings.

Domen Savić, Goran Klemenčič, Vuk Čosić, Lenart J. Kučić, József Györkös, Gorazd Božič in Maja Bogataj Jančič were the first signatories of the declaration “Acta ad acta”, with which they warned about the negative implications the legislation might bring. Now this legislation is on the table in an even more concrete form.