The EU would lose little if it simply rejected the Directive

If you have so far failed to understand, why the new DSM Directive is so controversial, an interview with prof. Martin Kretschmer from the University of Glasgow is a Friday must-read before the week in which the European Parliament will vote on the Directive.

Through illustrative cases Prof. Kretschmer highlights, why Article 13 must be opposed, as IPI has been repeating all along (and recently quite loudly). His convincing arguments also explain, why the Directive as a whole is damaging to a balanced and effective copyright system across the EU and why Europe would be better off by rejecting the Directive in its entirety.

The entire interview can be found here.

The shortcoming of individual articles are comprehensively listed here by Communia and here by CREATe, which is lead by the very prof. Martin Kretschmer.

©2013 Photographic Unit, University of Glasgow

©2013 Photographic Unit, University of Glasgow