Intellectual Property Action Plan Feedback period is open

As part of the European Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Commission published the Intellectual Property Action Plan, which seeks to improve intellectual property management across the EU to boost European economy, especially in these trying times of a global pandemic, caused by the COVID-19 virus. Period for feedback on the Plan is open until 14 August 2020.

In today’s world, it is clear that the economy heavily relies on innovations and technological developments. With that in mind, the European Commission aims to encourage technological development and achieve the recovery of European economy through uniform intellectual property policy management.

The Intellectual Property Action Plan addresses the issues, which are still present across the EU, despite EU already having a strong IP system:
– parts of the EU’s IP system still remain too fragmented;
– small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are still not relying on IP protection enough;
– tools to share out IP are insufficiently developed;
– there is still an unacceptably high level of counterfeiting and piracy;
– there is a lack of global fair play, because non-EU countries either do not sufficiently protect IP or apply divergent standards.

You can access all the details of the Action plan here.