Internet is for the people!

IPI and Communia prepared an overview of the articles of the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market in Slovene.

Communia analized nine different issues regulated by the Directive and not only the most problematic Articles 11 and 13. Good and bad solutions of the Directive are presented. Despite some good solutions, the  overall assessment of the directive is negative and it will not make the internet work for people.

The analysis was made on the basis of the text of the Directive before it was conformed in the trilogue that was concluded in the evening of 13 February 2019. The final text is still not available in full. As soon as the text will be officially available, the changes will be visible on the assessments on the webpage of Communia.

As we have reported on 14 February 2019 the trilogue did not bring any fundamental improvements. After the conclusion of the trilogue, there was a very vigorous public response. One of the first to respond was the MEP Julia Reda. In Köln, more than a thousand people are striking against the Directive, especially its Article 13. Also, there is an internet petition against the introduction of filters that has collected more than 4.7 million signatures so far.