MEPs on Framework for AI Regulation

On Tuesday 12 May 2020, MEPs discussed the draft report on Framework of ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, robotics and related technologies at the JURI European Parliament Committe meeting.

Ibán García del Blanco, rapporteur for the legislative report said that the report is “the first legislative initiative that the Parliament has tackled from such a holistic approach”, while the rapporteur for report on Intellectual property rights (IPR) for the development of artificial intelligence technologiesStéphane Séjourné, observed that Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) “are intended to ensure the promotion of innovation and creativity, which is essential for the […] development of AI” and suggested “to improve the mechanisms and the availability of data needed for the development of Artificial Intelligence”.

It is expected that in the next step the JURI Committee will discuss the Framework amendments in June and July, which is to be followed by the vote on 28 September 2020.

You can watch the whole JURI Committee meeting here.