Negative position of the Ministry on the Directive

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport you DOES NOT support the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market because of the public interest in education and research is not considered enough! You can read the full position of the Ministry (in Slovene) here as well as on their official website.

The Ministry has explained: “In accordance to its mandate, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport has been from the very beginning striving for a balanced legislative solution that would appropriately consider the interests in education and research. Despite these efforts, it is clear that the Directive will not bring adequate solutions for education and research. To better regulate this field, the Ministry has in February 2019 proposed to change the current exception for teaching in Article 49 of the Copyright and Related Rights Act to a new exception for teaching and scientific research in the process of amending the Act (ZASP-H). In our opinion, the exception for education envisaged in the Proposal of the Directive is too narrow. This is why the Ministry is advocating for a wider exception for education and research in ZASP-H. With this we would follow the example of a good practice in regulating this issue on the national level (as it is the case in Estonia).” Below, the Ministry expresses its detailed position on important provisions of the Directive, especially on Articles 4 (now Article 5) and 3 as well as the problematic provision of Article 11 (now Article 15) and 13 (Article 17).