11 EU member states reject the compromise Proposal for the Directive

Last week we wrote about the German non-paper and the proposed changes to Article 13 of the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market contained therein.

On Friday, it became even more evident that EU member states are not satisfied with the solutions proposed by the Presidency of the Council as 11 member states rejected the compromise text of the Proposal for the directive:  Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Slovenia, who already opposed a previous version of the directive, as well as Italy, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Luxembourg and Portugal. With the exception of Portugal and Croatia, all of these governments are known for thinking that either Article 11 or Article 13, respectively, are insufficiently protective of users’ rights.

This means that the Directive is not likely to be adopted before May 2019, despite the efforts of the Council and the European Parliament to reach a compromise in the next trilogue and to end the negotiations on the text of the Directive. The result of the voting also showed that the calls from the public and stakeholders to a more balanced legislation are being also reflected on a political level.