Communia’s Final Report and the book The Digital Public Domain

Last week Communia Thematic Network published on its website a Public Report regarding the digital public domain. This Report provides a useful insight on the activities of Communia, while also addressing the state of the digital public domain in Europe and providing some policy recommend for enhancing public domain and making digital content more accessible and re-usable by all citizens.

In the frame of the Communia Thematic Network the book The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture was also published. This book brings together essays by academics, librarians, entrepreneurs, activists and policy makers, who were all part of the EU-funded Communia project. Together the authors argue that the Public Domain (that is, the informational works owned by all of us, be that literature, music, the output of scientific research, educational material or public sector information) is fundamental to a healthy society.The essays range from more theoretical papers on the history of copyright and the Public Domain, to practical examples and case studies of recent projects that have engaged with the principles of Open Access and Creative Commons licensing. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in the current debate about copyright and the Internet. It opens up discussion and offers practical solutions to the difficult question of the regulation of culture at the digital age.