Open Call for comments on GPAI Data Governance Framework

The Global Partnership for AI Data Governance Working Group, co-chaired by dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič, has in August presented its first two projects. One of these two projects is the draft of the Data Governance Framework, currently still in its “beta” version. In order to improve the Framework, the Working Group calls for comments and suggestions.

The Data Governance Working Group is a part of the GPAI, which is on a mission to support and guide the responsible adoption of AI that is grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, economic growth and that will help to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For this purpose, the Working kicked off two projects in the summer and has so far already prepared a “beta” version of the Data Governance Framework.

So far, the Framework covers four main areas:
– The role of data in the AI context;
– the importance of data governance matters;
– parameters of data governance;
– a roadmap for the Working Group’s future work.

Before the Framework is officially presented at December’s summit, the Working Group wishes to further improve it and therefore calls for constructive input from anyone that might be interested in contributing. Comments can be share either directly within the draft document or can be submitted via email to the International Centre of Expertise in Montréal for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence at

You can find more information about the open call here. You are welcome to submit your comments!