Open Education Week

The Open Education Week is underway – an annual event, organised by the Open Education Consortium – an association of more than a hundred institutions and organizations around the globe, committed to the values of open education.

Open education is a cluster of online resources, tools, good practices and networks of participants and supporters, which promotes access to learning materials and methods for students and teachers worldwide. Open education builds on the idea of free sharing and use of content (such as literature) and development of educational methods, adapted to the challenges of modern educational processes and the needs of pupils and students in the digital age. The internet enables effective dissemination of materials and exchange of information and good practices between individuals and organizations from all parts of the world, thus critically improving access to knowledge everywhere. Students gain new sources of information, teachers learn new teaching techniques and schools gain access to growing databases of resources.

From 4 to 8 March, Open education week hosts numerous live and online events. Participation is free and participation badges are awarded for attendance. The complete list of events, projects and resources can be found here.

IPI is also participating in the action, as dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič attends the online roundtable on activism under the title Growing Open Education Policies in 2019and the webinar Women in the Open: Experiences, perspectives and approaches. Join us!