Encouraging the digitization of EU culture

On 28 October 2011, the European Commission adopted a recommendation asking EU Member States to step up their efforts, pool their resources and involve the private sector in digitizing cultural material.

In the recommendation, the Commission strives for an efficient development of Europeana and challenges Member States to develop solid plans and build partnerships to place 30 million objects in Europeana by 2015 compared to the 19 million available today; to get more in-copyright and out-of-commerce material online; and to adapt national legislation and strategies to ensure the long-term preservation of digital materials. The recommendation also sets the key principles for the operation of public-private partnerships, which would ensure a fair and transparent digitalization of the works.

The Recommendation builds on the conclusions of the Comité des Sages (high level reflection group) on bringing Europe’s cultural heritage online, established in 2010.