Slovenian translation of the Public Domain Manifesto

On the webpage of the project the Slovenian translation of the Public Domain Manifesto was published.

The Public Domain Manifesto was created in the frame of the European thematic network about the digital public domain Communia. The members of the working group have been preparing the draft of the text for a few months on the basis of the idea presented at the first conference of Communia. The document then circulated between members of Communia until the final version was created and presented to the public on 25 January 2010.

The public domain is the wealth of information that is free from the barriers to access or reuse usually associated with copyright protection. It represents the works, from which new knowledge or new cultural works are created. After decades of measures that have significantly limited and reduced the public domain with the extension of the term of copyright protection, it is important to re-emphasize the importance of a lively and growing public domain for our society and economy. The role of the public domain was important in the past, but is even more crucial today, when the Internet and digital technologies allow us the access to works, their use and redistribution with simplicity and efficiency.

The goal of the Manifesto is to emphasize the importance of the wealth of information, which is free from the barriers associated to copyright limiting the access and re-use of a copyright work. In the era when the Internet allows us the direct access to our cultural heritage and knowledge, it is important that the policy makers and individuals contribute to strengthening the concept of the public domain.

The signatories of the Public Domain Manifesto are different individuals and institutions, also from Slovenia. The Intellectual Property Institute was one of the first signatories of the Manifesto.