The CC Global Summit 2020 will take place online!

Creative Commons (CC) annually holds the CC Global Summit events, bringing together experts from different fields with the purpose of spurring on debates and organising workshops related to Open Access. This year’s CC Global Summit 2020 will, due to COVID-19 related circumstances, take place online. With this in mind, CC are calling for proposals for better event organisation, including proposals addressing issues regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the global movement against racial injustice. You are welcome to submit your proposals!

CC Global Summit 2020 will take place between 19 and 24 October and will be the first such event held entirely online. This year’s theme is the values that shape CC and that help open community build a more equitable, inclusive and accessible world.

For this purpose, CC calls for proposals to be submitted by 17 July 2020, and the proposals should address one or more of the following areas:

– Creators of the Commons – The faces, work, and stories of those building the Commons;
– Powering the Commons – Exploring the tools, technology, and communities that power the Commons;
– Open Education and Open Scholarship – Supporting communities that practice open access to education and scholarships;
– Open Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums – Improving and expanding open access to cultural heritage;
– Policy and Advocacy promoting the Commons – Strategies for legal action and copyright reform;

The CC Global Summit 2020 is free for all, and includes programming in five languages: Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish.