The Directive was adopted

Despite 5 million signatures collected against the introduction of censorship and mass protests that took place in Europe last week, the MEPs have adopted the harmful Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market on today’s plenary vote in the European Parliament.

The Directive was adopted with 348 votes in favour and 274 votes against (see how individual MEPs voted here). Before that, MEPs voted on the possibility of amending the Directive and making it better, which they rejected with only 5 votes of difference: 317 votes against and 312 votes in favour. Consequently the deletion of Articles 13 (now 17) and 11 (now 15) of the Directive was not discussed in the plenary vote. The European Parliament adopted the Directive with all its provisions, including Article 11 (now 15) that introduces a new related right for press publishers and Article 13 (now 17) that will cause filtering of the user-generated content. The Directive is a lost opportunity for a good copyright reform. It will not harmonize the digital European market, with unclear provisions it does not bring legal certainty and it does not balance the interests of the rightsholders on one and of the users of copyrighted works on the other side. We really hope that all the creators (and not only the chosen ones) will get fair remuneration since the price measured in limitation of the flow of information, removal of perfectly legal content and infringement of freedoms on the internet will be high.