The first outputs of the project Enabling data sharing for social benefit through data trusts are published!

The first outputs from the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) Data Governance Working Group (DGWG) project Enabling data sharing for social benefit through data trusts are published. The end goal of this project is to help GPAI realise the potential of data trusts as a tool to promote the safe, fair, legal and equitable sharing of data, in service of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can read more about the project here.

A survey of current data trust projects by the ODI and Aapti Institute, which produced this project, collates experiences from 45 practitioners and researchers engaged in the development of new data stewardship strategies. This presents their experiences of delivering the functions of data trusts, and the operational strategies that support bottom-up empowerment. A review of legal frameworks by the Aapti Institute synthesises recent legal and policy developments surrounding data trusts. This compares the experiences of 11 different jurisdictions, exploring how different policy levers contribute to data stewardship. You can also read more in the article here.

The next wave of data trust development will require close engagement between practitioners, researchers and policymakers to create the conditions in which data trusts benefit all in society. In support of this aim, GPAI will be continuing to explore how data trusts can serve society. Projects throughout 2022 will seek to support progress establishing data trusts to tackle issues of social concern.

The DGWG will be hosting an event at the Alan Turing Institute’s annual conference, AI:UK, on March 23rd. This will include an update on the findings of the DGWG’s exploration of how data trusts could help address the climate crisis – we encourage you to register for the event here.