The MEPs supported the Proposal for the Directive

“The European Parliament has voted on the Proposal for the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. MEPs did not hear the warnings of the experts (lastly, economic and legal academics called for a more balanced system).

As such they have supported the new neighbouring right for press publishers (Article 11) and the new obligation of platforms to license and filter content (Article 13). This is not good for the future of the internet in the EU. Platforms that have been obliged to technological neutrality and not to tamper with the content will have to control and delete content.

I hope to see the Proposal of the Directive at least fixed by the European Commission and Council in the trilogue. The current proposals are even worse than the JURI Committee proposal from July. This would be better for us all.

I hope to see more focus on the educational exception, the text and data mining exception and other exception safeguarding the public interest in the trilogue.

This is not a happy day for creators in the EU neither it is for the journalists and the plurality of the media, at least not in the long term. This is why I hope they will receive payment for their works by big platforms.

If the Proposal is adopted, this will radically change what, under which terms and at what cost (for the cost of free and neutral internet, thus freedom and neutral possibilities of sharing content) will be available. It is time for legislators to listen to experts and not only the most powerful and loud lobbyists.” This statement was given by dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič for STA.