Directive on Open Data and Public Sector Information

For the development of innovative products and services on the digital single market, the Proposal for the Directive on Open Data and Public Sector Information is also important. While the Copyright Directive was raising dust, the European Parliament adopted the PSI Directive with large majority but without greater attention.

The PSI Directive is the update of the Directive on re-use of public sector information from 2003, lastly revised in 2013. The new directive establishes that all public sector content, accessible under national rules on access to documents, will in principle be freely available for re-use. While public sector bodies will in very limited cases be able to charge the marginal cost for the re-use of their data, this will enhance the chances of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups to enter the new market of data-based products and services. How the purpose of stimulating the use of open data will be achieved, will depend on the way the Member States will transpose the Directive.