World Intellectual Property Day

Today, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. Traditionally, IPI announces the most notable event of the past year on this day. Without doubt, this was for sure the adoption of the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market.

You can read more on the different aspects of the Directive and the changes it will introduce on the following links:

The Directive is still bad!
About the Directive
Internet is for the people

In Slovenia, the most notable event in the negative sense was a severe infringement of moral and economic rights, committed by Boris Kobal, which resulted in the biggest plagiarism affair in Slovenia. We hope that after this affair, it is now clear to everybody that plagiarism is a wrongful and unethical act that can have huge negative effects for the plagiarist. Also, the Republic of Slovenia started implementing the renovated exception for persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled in the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Different changes of the copyright legislation are therefore on the horizon. We hope that we will see many positive changes in this field in the next year!