OERcamp.global 2021: Presenting the study Remote education during the pandemic – Teacher’s perspective

On December 10th, 2021, at 8.00, at the OERcamp.global 2021, which is a 48-hour conference with practitioners, activists, scientists, nOERds and novices from around the globe, the pre-recorded session of Remote education during the pandemic, Teacher’s perspective will be played. After the played recording, dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič, LL.M., LL.M., Anahita Rezaei (Centrum Cyfrowe) and Teresa Nobre (Communia) will be available to answer the questions. Welcome!

The OERcamp.global is a BarCamp on Open Education and Open Educational Resources (OER), which is hosted by the German Commission for UNESCO and Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten.

Remote education during the pandemic, Teacher’s perspective is a study, based on the questionnaire-based, exploratory research, which was conducted in 7 European countries (Poland, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Czechia and Slovenia) in the beginning of 2021. The study paints an image of a high level of adoption of digital solutions and resources across Europe, which furthermore increased over time.

You can register for the event here. Welcome!