Published survey: Remote education during the pandemic Teacher’s perspective

This year, IPI collaborated with Communia and the Centrum Cyfrowe, which conducted an international study on the use of copyrighted works during remote teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research is now published, and its results were also presented on 15 September 2021. You are invited to take a look at the survey!

​​7 European countries have participated in the questionnaire-based explanatory research on teachers’ practices in remote education. The survey shows that there is a high level of adoption of digital solutions and resources across Europe, which increased over time. With regard to types of platforms and tools used, the survey shows both the dominant role and ubiquity of those provided by the greatest commercial providers and online platforms. Despite the reliance on those platforms, content used by teachers is predominantly of non-commercial nature, or even peer produced. Lastly, the survey suggests high levels of adoption of Open Educational Resources across Europe.


The survey is available here.