World Intellectual Property Day

Today we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. The Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) celebrates it by publishing a collection of answer questions that we have received regarding copyright in education from the teachers for whom we have organized the project “Copyright in Education”.

IPI is a consulting, research and educational institution. The main area that IPI deals with is copyright. In the field of copyright, IPI organized and participated in various projects: we co-organized the Open Knowledge Day 2021, conducted Webinars on data analytics, with the support of the US Embassy within the NGO Small Grants project, ​​and we are participating in the Communia Copyright Education project (CR4EDU) and in developing guidelines for Text and Data Mining. We also expanded the work circle to the field of data management and artificial intelligence, as dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič, LL.M., LL.M. participates in the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence initiative and co-chairs the data governance group.

One of the many is the project “Copyright in Education”, which IPI is conducting in cooperation with ARNES. As part of this project, in February 2021, ARNES organized an online event “Remote Education and Copyright”  for educators, at which dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič presented the basics of copyright and the challenges posed by remote education to more than 850 participants. Based on the questions asked during and after the event, IPI prepared a set of questions and answers to them.

Said questions and answers are made public on the IPI website today, and you are invited to read them!